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Treatment for Adults

It Is Never Too Late To Have The Smile You Want!

Adults may seek orthodontic treatment when:

  • Had braces in the past but then didn't wear retainers as instructed so teeth started to shift.

  • Teeth gradually became more crooked and hard to clean.

  • Have missing tooth/teeth space that need implants in the future and need orthodontic treatment to consolidate space or make more space for the implants.

  • Want to have veneers or any aesthetic work on teeth and need orthodontic treatment first to align teeth properly.

  • Being conscious of crooked teeth and become uncomfortable with smile.

  • Having biting problems

  • Don't like the appearance of smiling.

If you have the above situations, or any reasons that make you uncomfortable with your smiles, it is time to ask what orthodontic options are available for you. Having a healthy, comfortable and confident smile is not age-limited. Properly aligned teeth and comfortable smile are keys to excellent oral health, balanced self-confidence and better quality of life. 

At Lai Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign®, Traditional Metal Braces and Clear Braces to our adult patients.