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Invisalign® for Teens


Invisalign® is a great treatment option for teens.

At this age, the aesthetic consciousness can have significant effects on teenagers emotionally and physically. We understand some teens may be hesitate to start treatment for their abnormal bites due to the appearance of braces. Now they have the clear choice!

Invisalign® can be used to treat different kinds of bite and crowding while offer a clear alternative to braces.

Invisalign® is excellent for teens because:

  • No extra brushing technique needed. Just remove the aligners and brushing as well as flossing like you normally do.

  • Teens know how to wear the aligners efficiently and really do it! This can result in impressive treatment results and less treatment time. Teens are the most compliant Invisalign patients!

  • No broken braces, no poking wires. No emergency visit!

  • Less frequent office visits.

  • No interference when playing instruments or sports

Ask our Lai Orthodontics Team for more information about Invisalign® for teens.