No braces, No wires, Almost invisible!

Available for All Ages!

Invisalign® is a clear alternative to braces and can be used to treat different kinds of bites and crowding. Invisalign® use a series of custom-designed clear trays (aligners) to move teeth. Doctors use a digital design software to fine tune individual treatment plans to achieve predictable results. The enhanced material, SmartTrack®, is made to deliver enough force for tooth movement while patients can still feel it comfortable to wear.

Dr. Yu-Ching Lai is an experienced Invisalign® provider. All of our patients can be offered Invisalign after the consultation exam. 

What Invisalign® can offer:

  • Easy to brush and floss teeth (Just remove the aligners!).

  • The almost invisible, aesthetic appearance may suit better for your life style or daily work.

  • Deliver predictable and satisfactory results.

  • Less emergency office visits due to broken appliance.

  • Average less office visits for the whole treatment duration.

  • Can be used for adults, teens and children.

  • Affordable financial options are available.

Ask our Lai Orthodontics Team for more information about Invisalign®.


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