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We offer 2 options of consultation: Traditional In-Office Consultation and Virtual Consultation:

Traditional In-Office Consultation:

We will schedule you to come to our office for your free consultation where the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination. You will then have the chance to discuss with the doctor/team regarding your orthodontic treatment and different material options (Invisalign, metal braces and clear braces). This may take about 30-45 minutes. A same-day start of the treatment is also available if desired.

Virtual consultation:

Begin your virtual consultation on your schedule! We will email you thorough instructions on how to take and send photos of your face and teeth. You can ask all of your questions and concerns regarding your smile/teeth through email. Once the doctor have received and reviewed all materials sent,  you and the doctor will discuss  your orthodontic treatment through emails or phone calls. An in-office visit will then be scheduled for records (updated x-ray, tooth modes) and your treatment begins!

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