Having a Healthy Beautiful Smile is Affordable!

At Lai Orthodontics, we will assist you in starting your orthodontic treatment with a budget you can afford.

Accept All PPO Insurance

Lai Orthodontics accepts all PPO dental insurance plans.We will help you verify and claim your orthodontic benefits so you aren't bothered with all the paper work.

Affordable Payment Plan with 0% interest

We offer flexible payment plans that will fit your budget. After the initial down payment, the remaining balance is divided into the number of estimated treatment months with zero interest. So your monthly payment can be as low as $100 per month.

Payment plan example 1:

Reya starts comprehensive treatment with Invisalign

Invisalign Fee: $6,180

Estimated treatment time: 18-24 months

Insurance benefit: $1,500

Down payment: $1,200

Total out-of-pocket fee: $3,480

Monthly Fee: $145 (for 24 months)

Payment plan example 2:

Cody starts phase I treatment with metal braces

Metal braces fee: $3,100

Estimated treatment time: 12-15 months

Insurance benefit: $1,000

Down payment: 600

Total out-of-pocket fee: $1,500

Monthly Fee: $100 (for 15 months)

Siblings and Parents discount 

We offer a courtesy discount to immediate family members who start orthodontic treatment with us.Providing a great smile to the whole family.

Full payment courtesy discount

We offer a discount when the treatment fee is paid-in-full, up front by check or cash.